Whether you are shopping for that hard-to-buy-for loved one who "has everything" or your bestie on the cutting edge of fashion trends, a Hunter Christian designer scarf for women (and men) is sure to make you the most popular gift-giver this Holiday Season! 

 We all remember those Christmases, birthdays, Mother's Days, etc., when we knew we "nailed it." There truly is nothing that feels better! 

That level of gifting implies an intimate knowledge of the recipient — their lives, passions, preferences, and even unspoken thoughts. It is a physical representation of the time and thought you, the giver, are willing to dedicate to the pursuit.  

Gift-giving can feel daunting, frustrating, and impossible at times. 

It isn't always easy — until now!  

Once our secret source is revealed for the ultimate gift for every occasion, we know you will become a devotee of the Hunter Christian brand and their mission to provide the finest quality designer scarves for women on the market.  

So, here is all you need to know (in no particular order because each reason is a total stand-out on its own)!

#1. A New, Unique, Designer-Quality Brand Featuring Innovative Textile Designs

Hunter Christian is a new label bursting onto the fashion scene. The company, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, describes its ethos as "the embodiment of individuality expressed through art, fashion, culture, and design." The textiles are an inspired union of art and fashion. Their website states, "Embrace your uniqueness and be you." 

Yes, if you are looking for that unique gift, you will find it here. 

Hunter Christian designer scarves for women feature the beautifully bold and ethereal prints of the KO Collection. The Ko Collection embodies elegant ease and understated sophistication. The scarves are more than an accessory: the patterns feel dynamic in nature — like fashion in motion — living, breathing. This organic quality of the designs enables these beautiful scarves to morph from one outfit to the next, creating a vastly different fashion iteration with each wear. 

Not only are the scarves luxuriant in every way, but being among the first to own a Hunter Christian KO Collection scarf provides bragging rights in and of itself! Discovering new talent and labels scores bonus points for the gift giver's impeccable taste! 


Designer scarves for women

#2. Highest Quality Fabrics and Craftsmanship

The one thing we know about discriminating friends and family members is that quality always matters. It is of paramount importance. And, on this fine point, rest assured — Hunter Christian is a luxury brand. 
When it comes to craftsmanship and quality materials, no expense is spared to provide consumers the finest products on the market.
All Hunter Christian scarves carry the coveted "made in Italy" label, where artisans fine-tune their craft, creating an heirloom-quality accessory. Italy is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship, and the Hunter Christian label certainly amplifies this philosophy. Extreme attention to detail and meticulous care is taken in every aspect of production — from design to manufacturing to packaging, including the consumer experience. Quality and luxury are two of the brand's core values, making a designer scarf purchase a wise investment.
Hunter Christian scarves

#3. Variety: Fabrics, Styles, and Size

Hunter Christian designer scarves for women come in fabrics and styles that will wow everyone on your gift list. From opulent silk to luxurious cashmere and everything in between, including eco-friendly modal, a breathable, lightweight fabric. Modal is a luxury fabric that is sustainable, long-wearing, buttery soft, and drapes perfectly. (It is oh-so-soft!). The KO Collection also comes in silk/modal and silk/cashmere blends — all providing the height of elegance for the recipient.
At Hunter Christian, textile design reigns supreme, and one look at the collection will confirm their commitment to innovation and individualism. The KO Collection features timeless black-and-white textile designs that are a fresh, bold, chic, and sophisticated take on a classic. There are 10 different scarves, including a series of silk bandanas, that offer incredible versatility in styling. The Asteria Cashmere scarf also has a pop of mustard that provides a beautiful contrast. Scarves come in bandana size (54.6 x 54.6cm) in standard size (140cm x 140cm) and a larger series (140cm x 200cm). A gift seeker couldn't go wrong!


Honestly, we were tempted to put this as #1 on our reasons to purchase a Hunter Christian scarf because we were (quite literally) blown away by the care, detail, beauty, and innovation of the brand packaging.
 It is one of those times when just looking at the box feels like a gift. The attention to detail in their designer scarves for women is also front-and-center in the opulent packaging (ALL included FREE of charge). 
Many of us will be mailing our gifts. And nothing takes the punch out of the perfect designer gift than generic and utilitarian packaging. 
That is not the case with Hunter Christian. 
The box, exterior and interior, the tissue, and the beautifully creative way the box is secured are a gift in and of themselves. You actually become distracted from opening it! And, if that isn't enough, it gets even better. Hunter Christian is a brand with artistic values at its core. Each scarf comes with an original miniature painting - an example of the art process that inspired the collection — and a lovely little brochure describing the process. There is something intrinsically personal and intimate in the presentation.
It truly takes customer service and quality to a new level.   

#5. Quick Shipping

Nothing is worse than finding that perfect gift only to realize that it will never be received in time! 
Hunter Christian is based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, where online orders are processed immediately. Your purchase is painstaking and beautifully packaged within the mailing packaging, so you can be confident that your designer gift arrives on time and provides that ultimate wow factor when it is unwrapped!  
So, hailing back to that hard-to-buy-for person on your list —
As you can see, you definitely have them covered! 
And, as Hunter Christian reminds us:
     Be wild and curious. Be beautiful. 
     Fill your life with passion and creativity. 
     Liberate from trends, labels, and expectations,
     and be you.
Who wouldn't love that!
Hunter Christian is a new and exciting San Francisco-based couture brand providing elegant, innovative, luxurious, and bold styling in both textiles and leather. Designed for the way you live, Hunter Christian designer scarves for women embody quality. All products are made in Italy of the finest quality and craftsmanship. 
We would love to be a part of your fashion story.