Our homes are: Our sanctuaries, our respite from the outside world and the single most extensive reflection of our personal taste.
Yet, we may often feel our interior environments lack the beautiful aesthetic in those finely designed interiors that populate our Pinterest boards. Aesthetics refers to the study of beauty and taste and how they relate to the human senses. Fortunately, there is a simple design tip — a single addition to your interior space that instantly creates the curated look of a well-appointed home. Abstract wall art can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, making it more visually appealing, attractive, and beautiful. Here are 5 ways investing in contemporary wall art will enhance the quality of the interior design of your home.
1. Original Art Adds a Level of Texture, Depth, and Dimension to a Space Art Reproduction Prints Cannot Provide. 
Abstract wall art that is a reproduction, while affordable, will not necessarily provide the quality aesthetic or artistic vitality of original works of art.  
The tactile experience of original or "real" art cannot be overlooked as it correlates to the quality of your interior space. Real art adds a level of texture, depth, and dimension to an area that reproductions cannot provide. 
The materials used in original works of abstract wall art, such as oils, acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media, add texture and depth to the surface of the canvas, which can create a more dynamic and exciting visual experience. 
The texture of the canvas or paper and the presence of any three-dimensional elements play a role in the tactile experience. The weight of the piece also plays a role in the tactile experience, adding a sense of substance and grounding to the work, making it feel like a tangible and valuable object. 
In addition, original works of art often have a unique "feel" or presence that is difficult to replicate in a reproduction. This is viewed in the brush strokes, the medium's application, and the piece's overall composition. All these elements come together to create a sense of presence and substance that reproductions cannot match, elevating the quality and aesthetic of the interior space. 
Original art offers a unique and immersive experience making it a valuable and a meaningful addition to any home. It is a representation of the artist's individuality and personal expression, which is more impactful than a reproduction.
The combination of these elements results in a feeling of existence and solidity that replicas cannot emulate. There is an emotional and aesthetic experience associated with original abstract wall art in the way it elevates interior design.
2. The Juxtaposition of Traditional and Modern Design Breathes Life Into Tired Interiors.
Abstract wall art can breathe new life into outdated interiors. 
With its bold use of color, unique forms, and innovative materials, contemporary art can instantly add a sense of energy and modernity to a space. Whether it is a large statement piece or a series of smaller works, contemporary art has the power to transform the feel of a room, creating a fresh and modern atmosphere.
Interiors can be instantly refreshed and revitalized by pairing favorite traditional pieces with modern accents, such as abstract wall art. The merging of styles creates an impactful space that adds flair and panache to a room. Combining contemporary art with traditional furnishings adds interest to a room's interior design as it contrasts two distinct styles. Abstract wall art adds a bold and modern touch to the room, while traditional furnishings provide a sense of classic elegance and timelessness. This juxtaposition creates a dynamic balance in the room that provides a visually stimulating contrast between old and new.   
Abstract wall art often features unexpected combinations of elements and abstract forms, which provides a visual contrast to traditional interiors. This can help modernize and refresh a space's look and feel. Whether you want to make a bold statement or add a touch of modernity to your home, contemporary art can play an essential role in transforming tired and outdated interiors into fresh and modern spaces. 
The contrast between traditional furnishings and abstract wall art also creates a space that is both elegant and eclectic, reflecting the personality and interests of the individual. This combination of styles allows for a room to be designed in a way that is both functional and visually appealing and can make a statement that is both classic and contemporary.
3. Abstract Wall Art Adds Visual Interest to a Home by Introducing New Colors, Textures, and Forms. 
The use of abstract wall art in a traditional space can add an unexpected pop of color, texture, and interest while maintaining a cohesive design. Well-placed art creates a focal point in a room, anchoring the space and drawing attention to a specific area creating a visual center of interest.  
In addition to serving as a visual focal point, an art piece can also inspire the room's design. The colors, textures, and themes in the art can provide a starting point for the color palette, furnishings, and overall aesthetic of the space. This helps create a cohesive and harmonious design, with the art as the anchor that ties everything together.  
Abstract wall art can add depth and dimension to a room that alters and enhances the visual landscape by creating a sense of movement or energy. The unique design, style, and composition of abstract art make it stand out, serving to create a visual hierarchy in the room, directing the eye towards the art and making it the focal point. 
 A well-chosen piece of art can change the atmosphere in a room or house. 
4. Abstract Wall Art Has a Unique Ability to Bring People Together.
In addition to elevating a beautiful aesthetic to the interior design of your home, contemporary wall art has the power to transform a house into a home by promoting social interaction and inspiring intellectual curiosity. Beyond being visually appealing, art can stimulate conversation and foster meaningful connections between individuals. Contemporary wall art is a tool for communication and social interaction. In short, when displayed in a home, contemporary art acts as a meaningful conversation starter fostering meaningful connections between friends and family.
 The unstructured nature of abstract art invites multiple interpretations, allowing individuals to bring their own experiences, beliefs, and perspectives to the work (providing exciting and meaningful banter at dinner parties). A piece of contemporary art that is abstract in composition encourages introspection and dialog through its open-ended nature and the way it challenges people's perceptions of reality. The abstract and non-representational forms in abstract wall art invite multiple interpretations, encouraging individuals to think deeply about their own experiences, beliefs, and perspectives concerning the work. 
At the same time, abstract art often sparks thought-provoking discussions between individuals who view the same work and bring their own interpretations to the table. The lack of a clear message in abstract art allows for a wide range of interpretations, encouraging open dialog and exchanging ideas between viewers. In this way, conceptual art serves as a catalyst for introspection and dialogue, fostering personal growth and community engagement. Surrealistic or abstract art may inspire people to share their thoughts on the beauty of the natural world or their interpretations of the artist's message.
As stated above, the act of interpreting abstract and surrealistic art encourages personal reflection and self-discovery. This is especially true of art that offers a fresh perspective on culture. Art can expand one's worldview by exposing people to different perspectives and cultures. A contemporary piece incorporating political or social commentary may encourage individuals to discuss current events, social justice issues, or other relevant topics. Viewers may find themselves considering their own beliefs and experiences concerning the work, leading to a deeper understanding of themselves. This connection between the individual and the work makes the experience of viewing abstract and surrealistic art a personal and meaningful one.
 The accumulation of these conversations and observations and encouraging intellectual curiosity provides a powerful benefit to those living within the home, especially for children. Incorporating abstract and surrealistic contemporary wall art into a home environment is beneficial for developing and broadening young minds. These works expand perspectives, stimulate creativity and imagination, and challenge young minds to think outside the box. This exposure to unconventional forms and ideas helps children broaden their perspectives and understand that there is more than one way to see the world.
Incorporating art into a home's interior design can significantly improve the quality of life for those living within its walls, making it a beautiful and enriching environment with which to reside. 
 5. Investing in Original Art Work is a Wise Financial Investment
 Investing in original art and emerging artists is not only a way to add beauty and interest to your home, but it can also be a wise financial investment. Abstract wall art can appreciate over time, making it a potentially profitable investment. Original art is unique, created by talented artists who put their time, skill, and imagination into each piece. This makes it highly sought after, especially when the artist is well-established or their reputation is growing. When you invest in original art, you are buying a work of beauty and a piece of history that may appreciate in value over time.
Emerging artists, in particular, are an excellent investment opportunity as they are still in the early stages of their careers and are likely to gain recognition and success in the future. Buying an original piece from an emerging artist is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor as the artist's reputation and demand grow. 
Courtney Lebell, who resided near a cluster of county boutiques near her hometown, purchased two handpainted Scandanavian Christmas scenes on barn wood at a boutique's post-Christmas sale by a local artist. The pieces were signed, but Courtney had no idea who the artist was, only that the works "spoke to her," and she was delighted to find them. Years later, a savvy friend visited her home, zeroed in on her beloved pieces, and pointed out that the art she purchased were limited edition pieces by a (now) well-respected and sought-after artist. She was surprised to learn that their value had increased twelvefold. 
When you invest in emerging artists, you are not only buying a piece of art, but you are also helping to support their careers. As the artist gains recognition, their work will likely become more valuable, giving you a return on investment. Additionally, owning an original piece of art can create an emotional connection between the owner and the artist. This can be a gratifying experience, knowing that you are the only one who owns that specific piece. By supporting emerging artists, you can also help preserve and promote the art world and ensure that new artists can share their talents with the world.

Hunter Christian is an emerging artist residing outside the San Francisco Bay Area. His Contemporary Wall Art is available for viewing online at https://hunterchristian.store/pages/original-artwork featuring original and limited editions.