If you have noticed a “comeback” of women’s silk neck scarves this fall, you are definitely on top of your fashion game! Whether your personal style is casual, chic, sporty, business, or off-the-charts glamorous, a beautiful neck scarf can easily and instantly elevate and personalize your look - turning your favorite outfits into even more favorite outfits - and we will show you how! 

(And, while we are talking “trends” I would like to note I am not referring to a viral social media video blitz trend that comes and goes as fast as you can scroll, but rather a unified, deliciously purposeful, and enthusiastic movement towards the reemergence of a timeless classic.)

Neck Scarves for Women: European versus American Styling 

While the neck scarf trend has always been on fleek in Europe, American fashionistas are embracing the neck scarf with gusto this fall. The emergence of this lovely accessory conjures images of outdoor French cafes, strolls down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, or afternoon espressos in Florence. Yet, for years, the trend hasn’t been fully embraced in America - until now. 

Differences between European and American women’s styling have primarily been influenced by cultural attitudes and preferences. European women gravitate towards a more curated and formal styling as opposed to American women, where smart, casual comfort is at the forefront. Athletic wear, including yoga pants and hoodies, isn’t as prevalent in terms of casual streetwear in Europe. In the states, yoga pants and jeans still reign supreme.  

Americans’ love affair with activewear and sheer comfort steered American fashion toward more casual, laidback styling. While American style embodied stylish sensibility and functionality on a grander scale, there wasn’t as much of a focus on textile accessories or focus on finesse. 

Yet, this year’s fashion trends bring a European staple to American consumers.  

Silk scarves and the versatility offered by the cut and size of the women’s neck scarf are turning them into a must-have accessory in your wardrobe.  And, the numerous creative styling ideas are making the neck scarf one hot little number!  It is the integration of the scarf with the way American women dress that is the catalyst that is driving the women's silk neck scarves trend.

Panache is a word that comes to mind. 

In fact, women’s neck scarves — and scarves of all shapes and sizes — add panache, flirtiness, and a sense of personal style to the way we live and dress (yes, even to your favorite buttery soft leggings and lightweight jacket!)

Why Neck Scarves are Trending in American Fashion

In a word: versatility. Well, that and creativity (okay, two words!).

It’s true. Not only are neck scarves fun, flirty, and no-fuss fashion, this year’s take on women’s neck scarves with all of its fashion iterations makes them one of the most versatile staples in your wardrobe. 

Whether as a lovely play of pattern and color tied alluringly at the base of your neck, as a bandana with your favorite blazer, tee and jeans, as a kick-ass hair accessory, or tied on your favorite purse, neck scarves are the perfect compliment to virtually any style.  

Watching the way neck scarves were creatively worn both as an accessory and a focal point in this year’s runway collections had been thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” As someone who embodies that American fondness for comfort, it never occurred to me to add a neck scarf to my daily casual attire. 

I previously thought a silk neck scarf would read “too nice” for my daily errands after yoga or the gym. I assumed neck scarves needed to remain in a more formal setting - one where poetry was being read or morning mimosas on the terrace served or on Audrey Hepburn’s beautiful neck. Silk neck scarves seemed as though they belonged in the realm of the glamorous. 

I always coveted that effortless European elegance but assumed it would have to wait until my next European vacation.

I assumed wrong. Turns out that 2022’s take on the women's neck scarf makes it fashion’s ultimate chameleon. 

 2022’s Most Versatile Fashion Accessory

The Revisiting and the Reimagining of the Classic

Chameleon Fashion Experiment #1: Neck Scarves a Casual Accessory

My last attempt at wearing a neck scarf was over two decades ago when I was hoping to recreate Marsha Brady at a 1970’s Halloween party. I have always associated women’s and men’s neck scarves with the 70s, Farrah Fawcett, horizontal stripes, and bell bottoms.

Yet, I have learned firsthand that 2022’s iteration of the classic women’s silk neck scarf is “not yo mama’s neck scarf” (or Marsha’s).

I decided to don my first designer silk neck scarf a few weeks ago - it just so happened to be a part of the KO Collection of Hunter Christian (https://hunterchristian.store/collections/bandanas). The second I tied that luxurious fabric around my neck, I felt - different. More polished, more “turned-out,” like I belonged on the pages of a fashion magazine. 

I can honestly say that it raised my confidence - I felt sort of “hot” and most definitely felt stylish.

And let’s talk about that silk! Not only does silk always add that bit of glamour, sheen, and easy elegance to your outfit, it just makes you feel good — like a Hollywood starlet in a cherry red convertible!

I am a HUGE fan of black and white, and the bold patterns beckoned to me. I decided to pair it with a decidedly-NOT-designer casual cotton-blend dress that I have LOVED for years (but nobody else seemed to - I guess that is why it was marked down at Nordstrom Rack). The dress is very casual. I wear it with my white or red trainers. I feel incredibly comfortable in it, but let’s face it, I am NOT turning heads in this outfit - no one even mentioned anything about it until I wore my Hunter Christian silk neck scarf.

My non-descript semi-fitted, scoop-necked, boxy black dress received not one but three compliments on the same day! Nothing was different about how the dress fit or the shoes I wore. 

The only variable was my stylish Hunter Christian black and white neck scarf. 

That silky sheen and bold pop of pattern did the trick! One person described my look as “casual chic” I liked that — a lot. That is a personal style that I eagerly embrace. 

Casual chic is my new jam - and the outpouring of compliments emboldened me to run some more neck scarf experiments (with my readers in mind, of course!)

Chameleon Fashion Experiment #2: Neck Scarves as Hair Accessories

My next experiment with my new neck scarf was to wear it in my hair. I often do a side braid and decided to wrap it and tie it around the end of the braid. The pop of pattern and the way it dressed up my look could not be denied. Once again, I felt like I had ventured out of my everyday life to something more playful and chic. I knew I would be heading to the gym later, so I had on a pair of leggings and an oversized, lightweight sweater - you get it - nothing highly stylish or memorable.

And it happened again! This time in REI, of all places! Not exactly the store that comes to mind when conjuring up fashion aficionados. Yet, there they were. All 20’something outdoorsy-clad young men doing a literal double take when I entered the store. It actually took me by surprise to the extent that I turned around to see if I had imagined it. I hadn’t. 

I turned heads. 

I have walked into REI many times only to be offered directions and hand sanitizer. This time was different. I am telling you - I credit my new secret weapon - my fashion magic trick that can be yours too!

Neck Scarves: Your own Personal Fashion Magic Trick!

Your turn to Turn Heads!

My silk neck scarf experiment didn’t end there.  

Add a lovely silk scarf as a hair tie, or incorporate it as part of your braid. Tie into a high or low ponytail. Wear it as a headband. 

Looking to distract from 2 day-old hair? Viola! A fun patterned neck scarf worn as a bandana does the trick!  

Looking to add vibrancy to your face? Choose a silk neck scarf that will reflect color and life into your complexion.  

Looking to distract from a less-than-inspiring assemble? A neck scarf will always do the trick! 

Looking to add patterns but not too much?

Yeah, you get it!

The Final Take-Away: Women’s Neck Scarves Enhance any Style

The easiest way to take personal style up a notch!

Fashion is personal. It is not a “one size fits all” formula. 

We have all tried on that dress - the one that looked so great on the hanger - only to feel utterly ill at ease when catching the first glimpse of you wearing it in the dressing room mirror. 

Personal style is an extension of who you are and how you live your life. Fashion choices should be about expressing yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident in your lifestyle. Yet, all of us are looking for ways to take our personal style up a notch in terms of expressing confidence, fun, whimsy, professionalism, elegance, glamour, or sexiness. It should be highly individualized. 

Here comes the women’s neck scarf to the rescue!

Casual - just adding a pop of color or pattern to a casual outfit elevates your personal style. Just look at my results of taking the very ordinary to the extraordinary.

Business- Bold and bright patterns won’t always feel appropriate at the workplace on jackets, skirts, or pants, but a beautiful splash of color and tasteful pattern of a neck scarf reads both professional and stylish. It is a lovely way to individualize and add versatility and interest to your work attire.

Dressy - It goes without saying that scarves, especially silk neck scarves, add glamour to an outfit. Couture designers update their collections to include a new take on current trends and Pantone colors of the year.

Ways to wear Women’s Silk Neck Scarves in the Fall

The Neckerchief — Fold on the diagonal and roll up before tying it around your neck. This is always a fantastic look paired with collared shirts, scoop, or crew neck sweaters. The knot off to the side adds that little extra flair, but experiment with front knots too!

The Bracelet — Roll and wrap around your wrist twice before knotting the ends. This is such a fun way to accessorize!

The Headband — Roll the scarf and wear it as a headband tying the ends under your hair at the nape of your neck.

The Ponytail — Fold the scarf diagonally, then take the triangle point and roll it towards the straight edge. Tie it high, tie it low and allow the loose ends to hang down.

The Bandana — This look is undoubtedly one of the trendiest this season! Fold the scarf diagonally to make that iconic triangle, and tie the loose ends at the nape of your neck. This works great with any hairstyle!

The Scarf Braid — Goodness! This is a pretty one. Secure one end of your rolled scarf into your ponytail holder and braid it into your braid. (There are so many incredible tutorials on IG for hair accessory ideas!)

Vintage Babushka Look — Again, totally on trend this season. Chic and easy and a beautiful way to showcase the pattern and quality of your scarf. Simply create a triangle and wrap it around your head, tying the loose ends under your chin. 

The Handbag Bow or Handle Wrap — Add pattern and flair to your favorite handbag. A neck scarf ties beautifully to the handle or strap of your favorite tote or purse. Wrapping the scarf around handles provides interest and elevates any outfit. You have an instant designer look to your outfit! 

 In a nutshell, neck scarves are most decidedly a fashion trend.

Go buy yourself one right now!  

You won’t have one second of buyer’s remorse. It is the single best bang-for-the-buck accessory and will have you feeling that certain je ne sais quoi. 

Memorable. You will look and feel memorable.

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All products are made in Italy of the finest materials and craftsmanship. 

The Hunter Christian KO Bandana collection offers women a fresh and chic take on the women’s neck scarf. Please browse our collection here (https://hunterchristian.store/collections/bandanas). 

We would love to be a part of your fashion story.