Sometimes inspiration is assigned by a client or driven by a trend.

There are seasonal forecasts — bold lines, blind contours, earth tones, chunky textiles. Or leading industries introduce Pantone colors, stylistic motifs, and even culturally-inspired lifestyle aesthetics.

Other times inspiration takes the form of a current theme present in my personal life. It is on the tip of my tongue or at the edge of immediate consciousness. It is a species of plant or insects in my garden or a color story that relentlessly follows me throughout my day.

Inspiration is the people and lessons in my life: the past and present all around me. 

 I also enjoy the process when inspiration isn't influenced or assigned. I feel an ongoing living inspiration buried within my subconscious, which I can access. Memories and emotions as obscure as desires from a past life, vestiges of a childhood memory, or even feelings experienced within the womb seemingly manifest as perceivable impulses and moods. When this occurs, I can witness my subconscious speak. 

Some inspirational themes emerge with promise yet require more incubation time to develop. Other ideas have potential, but only after mastering a particular technique. As inspirational themes come into focus, I am concurrently developing a visual language that best supports the ideas behind the next collection. This process is meditation for me.  

Exploring the perfect textures, lines, color, and movement is an intoxicating treasure hunt of the best kind. I am ready to create once inspiration unveils and creativity is rehearsed, refined, and developed.

For me, the creative process is an intimate dance between symmetry and asymmetry; each taking turns taking the lead. My work facilitates inspiration, whatever the source, into a creative expression that will grace your home and lifestyle.