Too Great, Too Small (Original Art)


A simple yet perfect pattern that we all connect with.  As each spot follows another, lines and paths are created.  These are sacred trails left behind, marking our unique footprint and existence.  Representing the individual journeys of those before and after our time, yet not excluding our own, no journey is too great or too small to be seen.  


Medium:  Sumi Ink on Watercolor paper

Size: 47.5 x 47.5 x 1.75

Details:  Mounted on a wood panel, with blacked out edges for a modern look.  

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Frequently asked questions

Art is mounted on a wood panel for a clean and modern finish. Some pieces are gallary wrapped, while others have a black edge. If you desire an addditional type of framing service, please contact us. We recomend a black, ultra chic floating frame that either comes in wood for a more natural look, or metal for a modern aesthetic. We can give you specific details regarding appropriate options and their additional prices.

Free shipping and handling is not included in Art Delivery. Our pieces are very large and oversized. They require extra care when it comes to packing and preparing. In adition to the handeling preparation, the final destination of the art determines its shipping fees. We ship all around the world, and every location is a bit different.

Limitted edition pieces are created and produced upon request. Once the order has been placed, the art must be printed, reworked and embelished by the artist, mounted and framed, and then sighned, varnished and finished. This process usually takes about 30 days to complete.